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#0.4 Embracing Digital Transformation

table of contents


Frank Kneschke

A strong IT for a strong track
Christa Koenen, CIO Deutsche Bahn AG / CEO DB Systel GmbH
"Pure Gold": Agilisation of a traditional company
Anke Dewitz-Grube, Director Consultant for Lean Agile Transformation; Robert Bosch GmbH
Marcus Warnke, Manager; mgm consulting partners GmbH
Digitization - Well meant is not well done
Tim Döppner, Managing Director of Digital Platform; Schwarz IT (BC Digital / LIDL Digital)
Work 4.0: Why digital transformation needs the whole person
Arndt Frischkorn, Leader Transformation & Capture Support; Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Pampus GmbH
"IT must also have an opinion on where a market will develop": Digitisation from the point of view of an insurance company
Robert Weidinger, CDO; life insurance policy from 1871 a.G. Munich
"The energy turnaround is not possible without digitisation": the energy industry on the way to the energy turnaround
Philipp Richard, Team Leader Energy Systems and Digitization; German Energy Agency (dena)
Growing together of business and IT
Bernd Rattey, CIO; DB Fernverkehr AG
Ship register digital: From cog to modern ship in one and a half years
Florian Strunk, IT Manager; Joint IT Department of the Hanseatic Higher Regional Court and the Hamburg Local Courts
Janos Standt, Deputy Head of Public Sector; mgm technology partners GmbH
Consistent User Centric Design at Barclays Bank
Kirstin Hütz, Head of Digital Capabilities, Vice President; Barclays Bank Europe PLC
"Mobility should simply happen": the future of local public transport
Dr. Britta Oehlrich, Head of Business Area Development; Hamburger Hochbahn AG
"The customer wants it digital: ottonova is the first completely digital health insurance company in Germany.
Detlef Gastner, Lead Project Manager; ottonova services GmbH
Challenges of the energy industry - Sales & Service rethought
Matthias Schwanitz, Chief Sales Officer Municipality; REVUlution GmbH
What does a greenhouse have to do with agile controlling?
Janine Hagemann, Senior Consultant; mgm consulting partners GmbH
Self-organized, self-directed, or do you leave it to yourself?
Anne Sendatzki, Senior Manager; mgm consulting partners GmbH
...and daily the agile Mumpitz greets.
Benedikt Jost, Senior Manager; mgm consulting partners GmbH

#0.3 Embracing Digital Transformation

table of contents


Frank Kneschke

Customer Journey Mapping & Service Blueprinting - how companies put their customers back in the spotlight
Afra Gloria Müller & Sophie Stender, mgm
Many companies have completely wrong expectations of agility.
Benedict Jost, mgm
Digitisation in the cruise industry
David Mertin, HolidayCheck
Quality in healthcare can benefit enormously from digitisation
Frank Roth, nun of the monastery
I lack active digitization in Germany
Hannah Klose, Moderator
Will distribution die out as a result of digitisation?
Jens Kocab & Dr. Florian Heydenreich, Linde MH
We mustn't swing as driftwood in the sea of life.
Karel Golta, Indeed Innovation
AMS Sourcing as a pioneer for a new strategic IT orientation
Klaus Lichtenauer, E.ON
Change project SAP HANA - culture change instead of system change
Natalie Hauser, mgm
Digitisation is not an end in itself
Dr. Ruth Betz, OWNR
It takes two to tango - How established companies and their labs find a common rhythm
Tim Rudolph, Hermes
Digitisation is team sport
Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Hasso Plattner Institute
How to ride the digital wave
Steffen Schairer, Head of Solutions, E.ON
Complexity is the enemy?
Sometimes - but sometimes not!
Marcus Warnke, mgm

shh18 - Solutions for a complex world
Thomas Brugger, mgm
Review of 2018
Eva Hellmund, mgm
Corporate Innovation Park -
Looking for new colleagues
Eva Hellmund, mgm

Man and machine: Who programs whom?
Keynote by Ranga Yogeshwar
Digitisation is team sport
Prof. Ulrich Weinberg, Hasso Plattner Institute
It takes two to tango. Established companies and their labs
Tim Rudolph, Hermes
Lidl moves - agile mindshifting within Lidl Digital IT
Tim Döppner, Lidl Digital
AMS Sourcing as a pioneer for the new strategic IT orientation
Klaus Lichtenauer, E.ON
Will distribution die out as a result of digitisation?
Dr. Florian Heydenreich and Jens Kocab, Linde MH
Digital transformation as the core of IT strategy
Lecture by Marcus Franke, Coca Cola CCEP
The customer-oriented revolution of the process-oriented
Afra Gloria Müller, mgm
Cultural change within the framework of S/4HANA
Natalie Hauser, mgm
Complexity is the enemy?!
Sometimes, sometimes not
Marcus Warnke, mgm
Awesome bunk?!
Benedict Jost, mgm
How can tradition and digitisation be combined?
Frank Roth, nun of the monastery
Ship ahoy!
Digitisation in the cruise industry
David Mertin, HolidayCheck
How to ride the Digital Wave
Steffen Schairer, E.ON
The sense of the disruptive
Dr. Ruth Betz, OWNR
Innovation: against powerlessness
Karel Golta, Indeed Innovation
Recap - Embracing Digital Transformation
Hannah Klose and Thomas Brugger, mgm

#0.2 Digitization: You have to make up your mind

table of contents

Hamarz Mehmanesh
Open up new markets quickly and flexibly
Dr. Jakob Müller
Exchange of experiences just above the turf: Impressions of e-Commerce Day 2018
Thorsten Treder
Medium-sized trade on the abyss?
Franco Cerreto & Marko Graichen
Local marketplaces: How spatial proximity can create added value
Frank Müller
Local Commerce: What you can learn from ongoing pilot projects
Daniel Bandholtz
Online or offline? The retail trade relies on both
Franco Cerreto
Multichannel vs. Omnichannel: The fine difference
Franco Cerreto
Grandma channel: A worthwhile strategy for traders?
Frank Müller
Use Multichannel correctly: Intelligent networking of channels opens up new potential
Ulrike Fox
How stationary retail is gambling away its future
Thorsten Treder
Pure Player has an advantage: Why the retail trade has to radically rethink its approach
Franco Cerreto
Only together we are strong!
Uwe Spettnagel & Marko Graichen
Product digitization in industrial insurance: "Many questions only arise during implementation".
Interview with Karoline Büdel
From Underwriter to IT Service Provider - The Digitization Column
Alexander Stolte
Industry and commerce: opportunities for digitisation
Alexander Stolte
Blockchain: Better service quality for insurers
Ansgar Snap Shield
Manage policies: Industrial insurers rely on new technologies
Andreas Birkenfeld
Hybrid Cloud: Sensible solution for industrial insurers?
Wolfgang Filser
Individualisation or standardisation - which way is commercial insurance taking?
Karoline Buedel
Cybercrime: How it is possible to estimate the risks
Karoline Buedel
Smart Contracts - a new perspective for the insurance market
Dietmar Schmidt
Digitisation: Who owns the data?
Dietmar Schmidt
Digitisation of the SME market as an opportunity for commercial and industrial insurers
Karoline Buedel
Digitization changes the role of the risk manager
Alexander Stolte
The Dilemma of Chatbots
Daniel Scheidgen
ID card now available as another login option for My ELSTER
Johannes cock
Digital signature: The breakthrough for more efficiency and user-friendliness in the public sector?
Dietmar Schmidt
The battle for electronic identity
Janos Standt
Verimi - the new data platform for Europe
Janos Standt
Too many user accounts complicate the use of online management services
Alexander Stolte

#0.1 Driving Digital Transformation

table of contents

Digital? Digital!
Editorial by Hamarz Mehmanesh, mgm
More than just text and images
By Marko Graichen, mgm
B2B shops - time for a generation change
By Dr. Daniel Brodkorb, mgm
The Alibaba of industrial and commercial insurance
By Marc Philipp Gösswein and Hamarz Mehmanesh, mgm
What capabilities Industrial Insurers should build
By Marc Philipp Gösswein, mgm
You're not coming in here!
From Alois Richthofer, mgm
Six principles for secure e-government applications
By Karl-Wilhelm Schick, mgm
Eight strategies for an unleashed IT organization
By Olaf Terhorst, mgm
How to start a digitization journey
By Dr. Ing. Carsten Mielke, Uniper
Agile development of digital customer solutions
By Carsten Klingels, E.ON
How do you win the America's Cup with the Gorch Fock?
By Bettina Stoob, AGCS
Be the change you wish this world to see
By Uwe Kolk, Jungheinrich
Invest to learn from startups
Martin Brücher, Fashion Cloud, Marc Ramelow, Ramelow Ventures
Application potential of the blockchain in industry
By Dr. Michael Merz, PONTON
Augmented Reality, Wearables and IoT in Industry
By Dr. Fedor Titov, attenio.
Working agilely in the Group
From Herwig Fölster, Jungheinrich
Audience (R)Evolution
From Dr. Ruth Betz, Farmer Xcel
On the way to your own Enterprise Framework
From Hamarz Mehmanesh, Martin Backschat, Baschir Jaghoori, Livia Böhme, Fred Funke, mgm