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Portal network to promote digitisation of public administration

The digitisation of public administration is well advanced in Estonia and Austria. In Germany, on the other hand, citizens have less frequent access to the authorities' online services. At the European level, the public administrations in France, Norway and Great Britain in particular offer citizens navigation options similar to classic online shops. There, users will find a portal that is geared to the life situations of the citizen and offers the corresponding services for every situation - whether birth, move or career change. In Germany, a portal network is to promote digitisation in public administration.

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The "Digital Administration" train starts rolling - these cities get into position

The digitization of the German administration is a done deal. It is clear that political leadership over the creation of digital structures and services in public authorities and town halls is lacking. The coalition partners CDU/CSU and SPD, for once and for all, agree, so let's get down to business, because the burden of bureaucracy seems to float over the heads of those responsible without the necessary electronic administration like the Damocles sword.

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