Author: Dietmar Schmidt

See digitalization in claims processing as a market opportunity

When it comes to insurance and digitisation, many focus primarily on marketing and sales. This does not happen without reason, because in other industries companies with such a focus have enormous success, as Amazon in particular demonstrates very impressively. However, insurance companies have some unique points of contact with their customers where they could really shine with digitisation. This includes the processing of damage.

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Digital signature: The breakthrough for more efficiency and user-friendliness in the public sector?

Digital signatures have been around for several decades. The scientific basis for this was already laid in 1976. Nevertheless, this technology has only been used relatively rarely so far. The reason for this is certainly that until a few years ago a relatively high expenditure was necessary for the use. Complex navigation and multiple authentication steps made the process too complicated for most users.

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Digitisation: Who owns the data?

Cars are becoming more and more connected to the digital world. This not only brings advantages and convenience for the user, but also leads to an increased volume of data. So far it is not clear who owns this data and who can access it. An international initiative is currently underway to ensure that car manufacturers do not establish a data monopoly and that insurers also have access.

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