Author: Florian Strunk

Lecture Florian Strunk, Hamburg District Court: Ship register digital - from cog to modern ship in 12 months

Just a few years ago, typewriters were still clattering in the ship register department of the Hamburg District Court. In an honest dialogue, the radical, digital reorientation is reported within the framework of legal regulations and with the involvement of customers. Highlights of the presentation by Florian Strunk, Hamburg District Court and Janos Standt, mgm technology partners gmbh at 2019.

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Interview with Florian Strunk, Hamburg District Court: Conversion to the electronic file - from paper to digital ship register in just 12 months

4866 seagoing vessels, 2177 inland waterway vessels, 42 ships under construction, 420 new registrations per year and approximately 3500 applications for existing vessels: The shipping register of the Hanseatic city located at the Hamburg Local Court is the largest in Germany. Previously, all work processes were carried out on paper. How can it be possible to transfer all these complex processes into a digital application? Florian Strunk from the Hamburg District Court reports in an interview.

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