Category: Issue #0.1

#0.1 - Driving Digital Transformation

EDITORIAL: Digital? Digital!

Since the beginning of the information age, digitalization has been described again and again as a wave that is thundering towards us. But the threatening comparison limps. Because digital transformation does not just happen. It is actively promoted by people with visions who use their knowledge and creative power in a targeted way.

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You're not coming in here! Authentication services are the bouncers of the online world.

Username and password are not enough. More and more Internet services are relying on secure multi-factor authentication. The e-government sector with its high security standards can serve as a model here. Using the authentication service authega as an example, we present a proven certificate-based procedure. In addition, we discuss current trends in biometrics and one-time passwords.

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The Alibaba of industrial and commercial insurance

Online marketplaces can revolutionize the customer interface in the industrial and commercial insurance business for SMEs. The conditions for insurers to jointly build a platform are better than ever today. In this first part of the series, we explain why the signs are currently so good for the development of an industry-wide accepted marketplace. In the second part, we take a first look at what steps are necessary to build it up and what an insurance marketplace could look like.

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More than just text and images

I need to see, touch and try a product before I buy it." This conviction is still widespread among many customers even in times of rising sales figures in online trading. A comprehensive digital product presentation can help to compensate for this supposed disadvantage of e-commerce. However, small and medium-sized retailers in particular often do not make sufficient use of their opportunities.

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The completely redesigned ElsterOnline portal has been available to citizens, companies and associations since 25 July 2017. The services of the portal for the submission of tax returns and much more are now integrated under "My ELSTER" directly in[1]. The new design is much clearer and the operation much more intuitive.

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Six principles for secure e-government applications

Few applications have to meet such high requirements as e-government portals. They must be highly available and performant, comply with strict legal regulations and offer secure access to very large and heterogeneous target groups - government institutions, citizens, companies. How can a high level of user satisfaction, security and stability in the broadest sense be guaranteed? We summarize the most important principles.

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