Category: Issue #0.2

Digitization changes the role of the risk manager

Assessing the risks of globally operating companies is becoming increasingly complex. Due to the large expansion of the field of activity, many factors are gaining in importance. An economic crisis in a distant country can affect business just as much as political or social tensions in other areas. In addition, new technologies are changing business activities and, in addition to numerous opportunities, also entail many risks for companies.

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Manage policies: Industrial insurers rely on new technologies

Digitalisation presents insurance companies with major challenges. The technical achievements do not only lead to a realignment of the internal processes. In addition, they allow a completely new type of communication with customers. They enable innovative insurance products as well. This does not only apply to insurance companies that address private individuals. In commercial and industrial insurance, too, digital technologies are revolutionising the existing system. In order to master these challenges, numerous insurers are relying on new IT structures - for example for policy management.

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