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Leadership and beliefs - Podcast and interview with Eva-Lotte Gnüg and Matthias Uebel

Belief systems in an organisational context are part of every corporate culture. These have a considerable influence on the implementation of changes in the company, whether in the context of digital transformation or other change projects. How do beliefs affect the success of change? How do you recognize them? How can executives and management react to this and influence them?

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Lecture Janine Hagemann, mgm consulting partners gmbh: What does a greenhouse have to do with agile controlling?

The desire of companies to be agile in order to react quickly in VUCA times is increasing immensely. Janine Hagemann explains what "agile controlling" can look like. Highlights of the presentation by Janine Hagemann, mgm consultung partners gmbh at 2019.

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Lecture by Philipp Richard, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena): Digitisation of the energy sector - why a lot is actually changing

Why is entrepreneurial risk more in demand than ever? What role do start-ups actually play and when, how and where does digitalisation come into play? Highlights of the presentation by Philipp Richard, Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) at 2019.

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Interview with Philipp Richard, dena: The energy revolution is not possible without digitization

Philipp Richard is Team Leader Energy Systems and Digitization at the German Energy Agency (dena). dena sees itself as an independent driver and pioneer of the energy revolution and has launched more than 650 projects since its foundation in 2000. In the run-up to, Philipp Richard explains the role played by start-ups and the extent to which the energy sector poses special challenges for new companies.

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