The registration of a motor vehicle requires a great deal of administrative work. But in Brandenburg, digitization could bring about a positive change. The municipalities are given the opportunity to offer vehicle registrations electronically. Therefore the Internet portal was brought into being.


time save through closer cooperation between the state and local authorities

The new platform will enable local authorities in the state to gradually offer vehicle registrations on the Internet. The Ministry of the Interior and Municipalities of Brandenburg (MIT) is responsible for this state-wide cooperation project. The state of Brandenburg provides the necessary digital technology for cooperative use to the counties and independent cities.

Katrin Lange, State Secretary for the Interior, sees this development as part of the progress that digitisation is bringing to Brandenburg. Closer cooperation between the state and local authorities could make more and more administrative lines available via the Internet in order to "save people the hassle of having to travel and go to the authorities". The idea of cooperation is part of the new e-government law. Jens Graf, Managing Director of the Association of Towns and Municipalities of Brandenburg, explained that "the promotion of the idea of cooperation between the state and the municipalities" was indispensable for the digitisation of the towns, municipalities and offices in Brandenburg, as the state provided the necessary components.


Online re-authorization and decommissioning already possible

The online admission procedure is already available. On the main page of the portal there is a map with an overview of the administrative districts which already allow electronic vehicle registration applications. By clicking on the corresponding coat of arms, a link to the electronic application system of the respective municipality is opened. Thereafter, the user may apply for decommissioning or re-authorisation. He is guided step by step through the process.