"...and every day the agile Mumpitz greets."

The first agile project works. The boss loves it - and the customer is thrilled. The
Desire for repetition, even scaling, one dreams of "standardized machines" and "efficient assembly lines"...and the agile mumpitz begins (again). Benedikt Jost presents the antidote: How to constantly implement complex customer wishes and apply agility correctly in the portfolio.


After experiences with large waterfalls and classical process organisations it was time for something new! After the successful proof that agile management can be more than just Scrum and small lighthouses, it's time to keep a flaming credo for just doing that.


"Key Takeaways...and every day the agile Mumpitz greets."

  • Complex ideas from the "what-you-want" land are usually too extensive to be implemented in one go.
  •  A challenge to be mastered in the coordination of agile portfolios continues to be that of bosses and customers who only have their marbles in their sights like blinders - and elegantly ignore parallel activities.
  • As a result, even agile portfolios are often filled with as much content as possible - like stuffed ducks - and not managed according to what is internally feasible or with the aim of continuously generating value for customers.
  • Focused and customer-oriented prioritization is a strategic core task in agile portfolio management.
  • The organization must learn to allow less notorious pushing and overtaking in the portfolio - but to enable controlled flow.
  • Prevent agile mumpitz in the implementation of your initiatives - and generate continuous value for the customer through adequately implemented agile portfolio management.


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