A strong IT for a strong track

Everyone is talking about climate protection. The railway is part of the solution. More trains, more infrastructure and strong IT are needed to double the number of passengers to their destinations by 2030. IT is becoming a trailblazer for new rail services - with data lakes, block chains and self-organization.

Christa Koenen worked in various companies after completing her studies in economics and at the same time earned her MBA in business administration. She has been with Deutsche Bahn since 2004 and Chairman of the Management Board of DB Systel, DB's IT service provider, since 2015. She has also been CIO of the DB Group since 2018.

  • Key Takeaways Due to technical developments and climate change, the mobility industry has become
    in motion. The railways are gaining in importance and, from DB's point of view, should become the "backbone of mobility".
  • The capacity of the railway is to be increased by 30 percent in the coming years. Infrastructure development alone will not be enough to achieve this goal. IT must also make a contribution.
  • The challenge is to become faster and more flexible despite the grown structures within Deutsche Bahn.
  • In order to meet this challenge, the railway is working technologically on a cloud migration and on the integration of new systems into the legacy. In addition, there are many important approaches in areas such as robotics, VR and blockchain.
  • However, the technical problems are comparatively easy to solve. More difficult is the reconstruction of the classical hierarchical structures, which are unsuitable for digital transformation, towards more self-organization.
  • DB Systel is already on the right track. About 3,400 of 4,500 employees are already integrated into self-organized teams.


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