"The public transport is sexy!"

Autonomous driving, electric pedal scooters, autonomous trains, electric buses and all that in Hamburg! What is actually happening in public transport in the city of Hamburg under the motto "Hamburg Takt" and how is the Hamburger Hochbahn meeting the challenge of mobility change? The turnaround in mobility begins in people's minds.


The business economist has been working in the mobility industry for more than 10 years in various positions at Transdev, Deutsche Bahn and TUI in marketing and production. Before that, she gained insights at Serviceplan (advertising agency) and debitel (mobile radio).


Key Takeaways "Public transport is sexy!"

  • Climate change has changed public transport attitudes. More and more people are questioning their mobility.
  • CEO Henrik Falk has issued the credo: "Rethink public transport". All that reduces individualised, motorised traffic is public transport. Accordingly, public transport services are to be increased by 50 % over the next 10 years.
    percent can be increased.
  • From Oehlrich's point of view, lower ticket prices are not a practicable approach for public transport because it takes money out of the system. Instead, public transport providers should focus on creating attractive offers.
  • Hamburger Hochbahn is therefore trying to broaden public transport thinking. This also includes micromobility such as electric pedal scooters, autonomous driving, car and ride sharing as well as mobility hubs where you can easily switch between the various offers.
  • But also within the elevated railway a cultural change is necessary in the direction of digitization and customer centricity. Innovation was also a weakness for a long time.
  • For example, a management workshop took place in 2017. One idea that arose was the traffic light, which was supposed to indicate free seats for passengers on the platform. This idea was elaborated with agile methods, but
    not accepted by the customer. It is therefore an example of the rule "fail almost" - after all, even falling on the muzzle is a form of forward motion.
  • Why is the Hochbahn still working on this cultural change?
    • Change in the mindset (breaking up departmental thinking, interdisciplinary teams, new sense of togetherness)
    • Customer and innovation (customer-centric thinking, promotion of innovations, promotion of ideas)
    • Organization (new ways of working and methods, quick result orientation, self-organization)


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