"People - Systems - Processes - Culture: Digitalization rocks!"

1. digitization has several dimensions: enabling expansion innovation transformation
2. digitizing capability means s
quickly adaptable systems and services,flexible processes for the further development of the company, extremely capable employees, Culture of openness to external input.

Robert Weidinger holds a diploma in mathematics and has been active as CDO of the LV 1871 since January 2017. Prior to that, he had built up and significantly shaped the IT of the LV 1871 for almost 15 years.


Key Takeaways "People - Systems - Processes - Culture: Digitization rocks!"

  • LV 1871 is very strongly focused: one line of business (life insurance) - one country (Germany) - one distribution channel (independent agents)
  • Digital change has several dimensions.
    • Digital Enabling: Optimization of the current business model (e.g.
      through process automation, AI, Big Data, Cloud etc.)
    • Digital expansion: expansion of business areas and distribution channels (e.g. through livv.at - digitalization enables online distribution and market entry in Austria)
    • Digital Innovation: development of new business models (e.g. by founding 71circles GmbH, which is to develop new customer accesses - such as Ferienfuchs or Moments for me)
  • The company mission "Preservation of quality of life" sets the framework. In addition, the systems, processes, employees and corporate culture must also have the right skills.
    • Systems: The infrastructure must be able to keep up with the mindset, e.g. through continuous, continuous further development that creates flexibility. A current topic for the LV 1871 is Cloud Readiness.
    • Processes: The processes must be able to contribute to the further development of the company. Therefore, agile methods were introduced in many divisions of LV 1871.
    • Employees: The skills of the employees are to be further developed, e.g. through coding dojos or architecture workshops.
    • Culture: Employees should be proud of their own abilities. They act as personal brands and corporate influencers. In addition, the LV 1871 establishes a culture of openness. The coding dojos, for example, are public. In addition, Meetups are organized and cooperation with start-ups is sought.


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